Icebreaker Sampo

The best icebreaking adventure in the Nordics.

Seaside Glass Villas

Award winning unique luxury accommodation by the seashore.


World Luxury Hotel Awards bespoke luxury experience winner 2016

Ivana Helsinki design snowflake pattern for the SnowCastle and now also snowflake pattern with new seasonal colors

15.5.2019 Paola Suhonen designed snowflake pattern In the 20th anniversary of Kemi SnowCastle in 2015, the theme of the castle was Finnishness and co-operation with several Finnish actors. The castle was seen among others: Aarikka, Reima and Ivana Helsinki, whose snowflake...

Kemi signs the Cruise Baltic Sustainability Manifesto in Copenhagen

The cruise industry is setting course for more sustainability 29 cruise destinations have signed a manifesto pledging increased sustainability. This is the result of the ambitious international cruise conference that just took place in Copenhagen. More than 160...

Icebreaker Sampo prepares for new season

Icebreaker Sampo prepares for the next winter season Icebreaker Sampo goes into dry dock 22nd of April. The vessel deported from Kemi this Tuesday and returns to it´s home port in Ajos, Kemi after few weeks. This is part of the vessel`s routine maintenance. Sampo is open on...


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