Gemstone Gallery in Kemi



10:00 – 16:00


Adults €10.00
Children under 11 y/o €6.00
under 4 y/o free of charge


Rantabulevardi 2
Kemi, Finland


+358 50 386 8563


On the ground floor, there are over 3000 stones from all around the world, originating from almost 60 different countries. There are rough stones as well as cut and polished ones; gems, jewels, ivory, pearls, amber and so much more!

The gallery’s second-floor houses outstanding replicas of the world´s most famous diamonds and crown jewels from different European royal courts, like the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain and the lavish 647-diamond necklace of Marie Antoinette.

The most spectacular piece of the collection is the genuine gilded silver Crown of the King of Finland.


The gallery is situated in the old Customs Office of Kemi´s original harbour which serves as a marina nowadays. The art nouveau style building is designed by architect Valter Thomé and is the only Jugend style building in the Kemi city centre. It was built in 1912 and its facade has been maintained to honour the original look of the building, keeping its form as close to the original as possible.


Local gemmologist and master goldsmith Mr Teuvo Ypyä established the Gemstone Gallery in 1986 based on his own collection of stones that he had started at the early age of seven. The City of Kemi bought the collection in 1994.

The Royal Crown of Finland

Finland – nowadays a democracy – once had a king for a very short time. The German Prince of Hesse, Friedrich Karl was proclaimed the King of Finland in 1918. Artist Eric O. Ehrström, a student of painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela, had drawn designs for a crown but the plans were never materialed as Friedrich Karl surprisingly renounced the throne after just a couple of months of his inauguration.

70 years later master goldsmith Teuvo Ypyä from Kemi succeeded to find these original plans and fabricated a crown according to them. The first royal crown of Finland is made of silver-gilt, pearls and enamel and is on show in the second floor of the gallery.


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