Icebreaker Sampo

“One of the more thrilling, and exhilarating experiences!”

-Drone & DLSR, Icebreaker Sampo review

Icebreaker Sampo offers the most exciting, memorable moments in the Arctic nature and an incredible icebreaking adventure with the unique experience of swimming amongst the ice. Sampo is like a moving museum retaining its original form from the 1960’s as closely as possible. Everyone on board will surely feel the by-gone glory of the vessel even today. The atmospheric restaurants are the heart of the steel giant. Make your experience even more unique with our luxury cruise package. Get a private room and guide and a taste of our finest arctic delicacies. You can also experience Arctic Freedom at its fullest with a snowmobile-icebreaker safari. Journey over the frozen sea towards Sampo which is waiting for you in the middle of the Gulf of Bothnia. Combine with Seaside Glass Villas and join the safari from the villas or hop on the bus that takes you to Sampo in 10 minutes.



Information about Icebreaker Sampo

Built in 1960 in Helsinki

Service record: Finnish state-owned icebreaker 1961-1987

Homeport: Ajos, Kemi

Capacity: 180

Largest room: 92 seats







Souvenir shop

Free WiFi

Guided tours in multiple languages


Transportation from Rovaniemi and Kemi

Combine with snowmobile safari on sea ice


Available from December to April

Ice floating

Buffet lunch (4h cruise)

Meet the captain at command deck


Participation diploma


Schedule: 3 h 9-12, 14-17, 4 h: 13-17

Enhance your experience and book a luxury package for your cruise

Technical information


Length: 74,68 m


Beam: 17,4 m


Height: 31 m


Draught: 6,8 m

Decks: 7

Displacement: 3540 tonnes

Speed: 16 knots

Power capacity: 6000kW

Icebreaking capacity: 120 cm, 1A Super


1st floor
92 seats

Icebreaker bar

2nd floor
74 seats

Captains saloon

3rd floor
19 seats


We have been creating once-in-a-lifetime adventures  for over 30 years with hundreds of thousands of guests. Check out what our happy clients have to say!


4.8 out of 5
145 reviews
January 2019

Sampo Icebreaker Review #2

I’ve been on Sampo in December 1998. 21 years and I still remember everything, swimming in the ice and even the sound of breaking ice! AMAZING experience!


Chatzieleftheriou Maria
January 2019

Sampo Icebreaker Review #1

Perfectly organized and very welcoming. Seeing and feeling the thickest ice plates being broken just under the hull you’re standing on and swimming between the ice pieces makes you feel as if you were somewhere in the parallel universe! A rich buffet and an inspiring tour inside the ship (inclusive of the captain’s bridge and the machinery room) add a lot indeed to your lifetime memories.


Elena Urban
March 2018


4.5 out of 5
223 reviews
January 2019

Experience of waking up early and going for Sampo from Rovaniemi was a memorable trip for us. … Seeing the big ship parked in the middle of the frozen sea was breath taking. What an experience seeing the ice breaking by your eyes and then experiencing a dip in ice chilling water. …
Special thanks to Mr Oscar, he helped us a lot by clicking out some memorable photos.
I must suggest everyone to go for this activity. It’s a must go!


Aditiya S
March 2018


4.5 out of 5
192 reviews
January 2019

A visit to the old icebreaker is a must-have. After a great meal, you will get a guided tour through the ship. You will see everything from the bridge to the engine room and much more. The very friendly guides will answer all your questions very professionally. The highlight of the tour is that you can, if you wish, make an ice-water float in a dry-suit. I recommend to do this, this is an unforgettable memory.


Frank Perzi
January 2018

Service recommendation

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Stay a night for an incredible view all year round through the glass roof and huge windows to admire the sky’s exclusive colors, starry northern sky. 

Lumihiutale Seaview Restaurant

À la carte restaurant Lumihiutale offers a local and Modern arctic taste with incredible seaview. Sun terrace is open from spring to late autumn.


Enjoy a delicious hot 3-course meal by the ice tables. Cheers with hand made ice glasses in ´- 5 degrees Celsius even in the middle of the summer.

Finnish Sauna

The sauna is a wonderful place to relax and unwind after a long day. It increases metabolism, improves the blood flow while reducing blood pressure and makes it easier to breathe. Book a service to relax after a long trip!


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