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Finnish Sauna with Experience365

A visit to a Finnish sauna may be an unforgettable experience. Sauna is a traditional part of the Finnish culture – something that you must experience while visiting Kemi . A sauna is a wonderful place to relax after a hectic work day, as well as being healthy. As sauna increases the metabolism, improves the blood flow and makes it easier to breath. In addition, it also lowers blood pressure levels – at least momentarily. The steam also relaxes the mind. In addition to physical cleanliness, a sauna also cleanses the mind. 

Fun Fact

  • As the old Finnish saying: if booze, tar, and sauna do not help, you are probably going to die. To Finn, Sauna is considered not only as a treatment for any sickness from the flu to arthritis, also a best place for relaxation due to the hot steam.
  • For the ancient Finns, sauna was a sacred place to cleanse the body and spirit. Sauna benches are the cleanest place in every Finnish house in which women even could give birth and the baby totally was safe in the old days. 
  • In the Finnish myth, many people believe in the existence of Sauna Elf in a Sauna room. They are friendly helpers who take care of the family and prevent accidents by warning in advance. 
  • In the beautiful Lapland region of the Arctic Circle there is a strange traditional activity that you should try in the winter. Warm up your body to an pleasent temperature of more than 60°C, then free to take off in outside, or jump into an ice lake if you dare to try!



SnowQueens sauna: 5-16 people

SnowKings sauna: 5-14 people
fully accessible

Royal Family sauna: 1-4 people

Lounge area: up to 22 people


Full liquor licence

Sauna department consist of two group saunas and one smaller family sauna for individual guests. There is an inspirational meeting room connected to the group saunas with a connecting terrace with amazing view to the ever changing sea. Sauna department is brand new and has definitely the best view to the sea.

Seaside Lodge & Hut

15-30 people


Full liquor licence


Hot tub

Seaside Hut

Nice and cosy, beautiful yet casual venue with a beautiful seaside view. At this lodge, you can relax by the fireplace, enjoy the pleasures of the covered outdoor terrace and sauna room with jacuzzi access. Feel the spirit of Lapland and enjoy our arctic delicacies in the wooden hut “Kota”.

Arctic Adventure Island

20-40 people


Full liquor licence

Arctic Island Hut

3 Saunas

Outdoor Hot Tub

The Arctic Adventure Island offers a great possibility to experience the local nature and wildlife. The island offers the perfect spot for Aurora Hunting in the autumn and winter months. The fresh clean air and old woods in the forest create a lovely surrounding for wandering around before warming up by the fire in the Lappish hut with a gorgeous sea view.



Service Recommendation

LumiPallo ice cream

You can enjoy sweet and savoury pastries with speciality coffees and many flavoured ice creams.

 Nature walk on the arctic adventure island

Get on board and take a tour to Arctic Adventure Island.

Seal safari on the Bothnian Bay

In May one can witness a great number of seals in the Bothnian Bay area.


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