Seaside Glass Villas


guests get free entrance to the SnowCastle all-year-round

Seaside Glass Villas

World Luxury Hotel Award Winner 2018!

Luxury Adventure Destination

Villas are located by the frozen sea in the SnowCastle area. They offer incredible view all year round through the glass roof and huge windows. Experience the sky’s exclusive colors, starry northern sky and possibly the Northern Lights during autumn and winter.  A vast open field of frozen sea opens in front of the villas in the winter months. During a spring you can observe the fascinating transformation as nature wakes up after a long winter: the sea melts and birds return to Lapland in large flocks. Enjoy the white night magic of the endless summer days and experience the the beautiful autumn colours and the northern lights. Aurora season starts in late August and continues until late March. Enjoy the magical light show and the clear starry sky.

Consecutive stay discount: save 25% from 2nd night and 30% from 3rd night onward

Please note: The SnowCastle Resort is constantly evolving. The construction of the new main building is currently underway in the vicinity of the Seaside Glass Villas. The annual SnowCastle will start to rise in the area during late December and its construction will continue until mid-January. Seaside Glass Villa guests have the unique opportunity to take a look behind the veil and see our snow building professionals and artists doing their magic on a guided tour of the SnowCastle construction site.


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8.9 out of 10
November 2018

The villa was very nice and the staff to. Looking forward to the all year ice restaurant! 9.6

Christoffer, Sweden
July 2018

Love the stay there. Friendly staff at the concierge and great view. Saw the northern lights too. 10

Danial, Singapore
November 2017


4.5 out of 5
November 2018

After a night sleeping in the Snowcastle hotel at minus 5 degrees, this was a contrast. It was lovely to look out over the frozen sea from your lovely warm glass villa. Although there was a row of them, they were arranged in such a way that they felt very private.  5/5

Anne, UK
February 2018


4.1 out of 5
November 2018

A unique place, without a doubt the best place where you can sleep in Kemi.  5/5

Dany Morales
March 2018

It is impossible not to like.  5/5

Fabricio Yui
March 2018

Snow & Ice Experience 365

All of our honoured overnight guests in the Seaside Glass Villas are treated with free entrance to the all-year-round SnowRestaurant opening December 27. Enjoy the amazing snow art, take a sip from glasses made of ice or pamper yourself with a full 3-course meal.


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