Since 1996 we have built this incredible Castle every winter, using only snow and ice from sea water as building material. Within the snowy walls, there opens up shining white pathways, leading the visitor to fairytale-like sceneries. Gorgeous snow sculptures, one more beautiful than the other, decorate the Castle walls. Overnight in the SnowHotel, with gorgeously decorated snow rooms, is a true arctic adventure. When the castle closes it`s doors, the all-year-round SnowExperience365 in new main building stays open in every season!



The 2020 SnowCastle will be open between
January 18. and April 15. of 2020

10:00 – 18:00


Adults €29.00
Children under 11 y/o €17.40
under 4 y/o free of charge

*includes entrance to the SnowExperience365


Lumilinnankatu 15
Kemi, Finland


The First Snowcastle: the World’s Greatest SnowCastle Ever

The first SnowCastle 1996 was a gift from UNICEF and the City of Kemi to all the children in the world. Everybody in Finland knows the wintry snow, but the majority of children in the world have never seen or experienced what snow is like. And thus the idea of snow stimulates the imagination of every child: what snow looks like, what does it feel and taste like? This was the basic idea when the very first
SnowCastle was developed. This SnowCastle also earned its place in the Guinness Book of Records with its 1 100 meter long walls, and an astonishing number of 273 000 people visited the fascinating world within these world-renowned walls!

The SnowCastle and the influential innovations through years

In 1997, the SnowCastle expanded the business with an exotic IceRestaurant, an Art Gallery, a Chapel with its massive towers, were an impressive experience – a fabulous Centre of High Culture in Nordic

In 1998, The ever increasing challenge of using snow as building material arose as the designers came up with the idea of building a SnowCastle with two floors drew attention of 300 000 visitors  and the media of the word.

In 1999, the Castle was constructed in three floors inspired by the features of the Mayas ancient temples. Also, for the very first time it was possible to stay overnight in the SnowHotel – during the Hotel’s first season 89 clients experienced the thrill of sleeping in arctic conditions! And once again the SnowCastle had plenty of guests arriving from around the world: 250 000 visitors came to marvel the beautiful SnowCastle of Kemi this year.

In 2005, The SnowCastle celebrated 10 years anniversary of the establishment of the SnowCastle under a starry sky coloured with the show of spectacular fireworks. The Italian architect Luca Roncoroni designed the decoration of the specially built Tower Hotel in conjunction with the SnowHotel. In the SnowRestaurant visitors could admire the colourful glass art made by Mr Heikki Ulvi. 115 000 visitors saw the SnowCastle 2005, and over 1 300 stayed overnight at the SnowHotel.

In 2006, The first time the SnowCastle was built according to a theme and offered a special joy the Nintendo Play Hall in the comforts of the CastleLounge for the Children. The snow-sculptures in the SnowCastle Yard as well as a wall-relief in one of the walls of the six cabinets in the SnowRestaurant were designed and completed by the students from the Comprehensive School in the Kemi.



Themes of snow arts in the past 13 years

– 2006 – The Spectacles of Fire 

– 2007 – The Seas of the World

– 2008 – A Tour around the World

– 2009 – The Design

– 2010 – National Romanticism in the SnowCastle 

– 2011 – Celebration of Comics

– 2012 – The Olympics in SnowCastle

– 2013 – Fantasia in the SnowCastle

– 2014 – Secrets of the Sea

– 2015 – The way of Finland

– 2016 – Castle in the Castle

– 2017 – Finland 100 years

– 2018 – Animal Wonderland

– 2019 – Haunted Castle

The events were organized in the snowcastle

Since its inauguration in 1996, the SnowCastle has been become a well-grounded venue for many performances from around the world. We are honoured to be a mission companion and event coordinator to host the imposing parties, events, concerts, celebrations, competitions and even wedding ceremonies in every year. The SnowCastle has spacious space grounds with the main building on either side of the Castle that work perfectly for both appearances and receptions and welcome hundred/thousand visitors to come and cheer up with us!

Highlighted programs we have appreciated to be with us during the season in the past 20 years:

– The world-famous Finnish soprano, the Play the Ice Fairytale, a Concert Competition, an International Hot-air Balloon Event, a UNICEF-Concert, a Dance-performance by the Folk Dance Ensemble Rimpparemmi from Rovaniemi.
– The Ice show by Mrs. Susanna Rahkamo-Kokko and Mr. Petri Kokko, the Play Snow queen, the Gentleman-tournament (an International Football Tournament for “the old gentlemen”), Kemi Boxing Games, the Iiro Seppänen Magic Show, a Husky-sledge Competition, Concerts by various Finnish Bands and Vocalists, the Finnish Red Cross Charity Concert,a Special Wedding Fair with a Fashion Show.

We also have had weekly changing programs and various performances with many different themes for children like the show of the world-famous Mumins, the shows by the Clowns, a Snow-tubing Competition, a Floor-ball Tournament, the Show of the Magicians, variety of Live-Action Role-Plays, well-known Musicians playing children ́s favourites, and ever the SnowCastle Mascots, Arttu and Terttu, daily delighting both children and adults as well.

 The SnowChapel was bulit every year to grant couples tied the knots, the furthest wed-to-be couples arriving from the USA , Japan and many other countries.

Winter specialities


All-year-round services



We’ve been building the annual SnowCastle since 1996 with hundreds of thousands of visitors from all around the world. Check out what our happy clients have to say!


4.2 out of 5
485 reviews
November 2018

Loved the pieces and sculptures of art made of ice and snow. Friendly staff, nice cafeteria and good spot to see auroras. Seeing ice-driving and other activities happening next to SnowCastle was a nice bonus. Recommended!


Atacan Ergin
March 2018


4.0 out of 5
180 reviews
November 2018

If you are ever in Finland between Jan and March you must go see the snow castle. It is amazing, the intricate details in the ice & snow. The themes in each hotel room were so enjoyable. We were in awe of all the artistic designs. The restaurant was amazingly large. You don’t want to miss this if you ever travel near Kemi.


March 2017


4.0 out of 5
431 reviews
November 2018

Quite simply stunning to look at. Food was incredible as well, try to eat dinner there if you can even if you are not staying there. Amazing details onside and out!!


Simon Toms
March 2018


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