Visitkemi is now Experience365!

11 Jun 2018

Kemi Tourism Ltd. is working on a new strategy and developing the all-year-round experiences in Kemi. We have decided to use the name Experience365 in our marketing and will no longer be using the name Visitkemi. Kemi Tourism Ltd. is in charge of marketing and operating the main attractions, Icebreaker Sampo and SnowCastle, in Kemi and offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences in every season. We are not operating as a regional tourism information as the name Visitkemi suggests and sometimes confuses our customers. We highly appreciate the co-operation with local service providers in order to offer various quality tourism products to our valued guests. We want to highlight the value of the unique Sea Lapland region and want to make it more simple for our customers and partners to find our services and contact us.

Kemi Tourism Ltd. still remains as the official name of the company but you will find us as Experience365 online. We have created our new website and webshop in order to make it simple for our clients and partners to search for information and make bookings online. We are operating with tourism sales platform Bokun and the bookings online are easier and simpler from now on. We have also updated our email addresses. Emails sent to the old visitkemi addresses will be automatically forwarded to our new addresses for a time but we recommend that our partners update their contact lists to avoid any future problems or confusion.



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