Wedding under the Northern Light

A natural phenomenon for eternal happiness

This 3-day-wedding package guarantees unique and everlasting memories in magical
wonderland in Finnish Sea Lapland.



Welcome to Kemi

Arriving Kemi with joy and expectations.

Dinner at Lumihiutale Seaview Restaurant

Enjoy delicious Finnish food at our restaurant for both to fullfil your day at repose.

Seaside Glass Villas

Spend a sweet night in a luxury couple suite and experience the sky’s exclusive colors, starry northern sky through the glass roof and huge windows.  


Wedding Day

Wedding Ceremony at SnowExperience365

Our wedding coordinator team will organize you and your partner in crime an unforgettable moment surrounding by ice sculptures, romantic music, colorful flowers. The exchange of unique wedding rings made of ice (tailor-made) under teh blessing of th Snow Queen represent the vows and promises the bride and groom. They bespeak to the world that they belong to someone special and someone special belongs to them. Wedding certificate is well-prepared after the wedding.

Dinner at IceRestaurant365

Enjoy your favorite dish at Ice Table for two person in SnowExperience365. Try out our hand made ice glasses in ´- 5 degrees Celsius. Cheers!!

Olokolo-luxury ride

Nestled in the warm comfort of the Olokolo, we will tak you to seek for northern lights an dyou can observe the ever-changing shades of the sky above, surrounded by the beauty of the nature outside while enjoying some warm drinks and refreshments.

Wedding Night at SnowHotel luxury room

Spending a cool and romantic wedding night at the world luxury SnowHotel covered by a beautifully lighted and decorated ice sculptures room gives you one of the most unique Arctic Experiences

Transfer by Snowmobile

Experience Arctic Freedom at its fullest with a snowmobile-icebreaker safari. Journey over the frozen sea towards Sampo which is waiting for you in the middle of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Icebreaker Sampo Cruises

Hope on the boat which will break the ice as the way you are  together about to overcome the struggles in life. Tag along with each other to the endless nature in the Arctic. 

Ice Floating

Icebreaker Sampo offers you a honeymoon day with full of the most incredible icebreaking adventure with the unique experience of swimming amongst the ice. 

Lunch on board at cruise restaurant

The Arctic Icebreaker Restaurant provides arctic delicacies and refreshments. A luscious 3-course buffet meal is served during all 4-hour cruises. 

Availability: Late December – Mid-April
Price from:
2 786€ 
Ask more information at  
or call +358 16 258 878

Service recommendation


The bridal sauna is an integral part of any Finnish bachelorette party. Book yourself a moment of relaxation before your big day. Group saunas available for large parties.

Sea Lapland Day Spa

Get ready with a relaxing spa experience and have your bridal makeup and hair done by our experts. Pick and choose your preferred services or choose the full bridal package, specialised services for the groom also.

Lumipallo jäätelöbaari

Our ice creams and sorbets are flavoured with Finnish forest fruit and wild berries along with other Finnish favourites like rhubarb and salty liquorice…

Arctic Animal

Get up close to the reindeer and other interesting animals. Guide your sled dog team through the white wilderness. Experience a traditional reindeer sleigh ride and learn about reindeer and their herders.


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